Help Out

Tens of thousands of people across Australia and the world have been working tirelessly to help us bring Dan home. Family, friends, the media and caring members of the community have been fantastic in spreading the awareness, and keeping Dan in the forefront of the minds of the Australian public. We are so appreciative.

How you can help:

  • Like the Facebook page and share posts and links to encourage your friends to follow too.
  • Display a bumper sticker (just ask for some here and tell us your address, we’ll send as many as we can).
  • Save the Dan Come Home hotline number into your phone now: 0478 661 092
  • Display a poster, in your car window, in your neighbourhood, at your workplace, train station etc. See below for how to get free printing!
  • Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Flickr and Instagram.
  • Look – Keep your eyes peeled, especially if you have any contact with homeless shelters, charities, churches, retreats, camps alternative residences etc.
  • Inform people about Dan and this social media campaign.
  • Tell Us – If you think you see Dan, take a photo (if you can) and call as soon as possible: 0478 661 092

Free Printing!

Officeworks has a monthly budget allocated to printing posters for causes like missing persons (it’s as simple as going in and asking!). Your local Member of Parliament will also print as many as you like. Please download the poster from the Dan Come Home Flickr, save it to your USB and print and display as many as you can.