The most recent picture takenDaniel James O’Keeffe is 28 years old, 180cm tall, has brown hair and hazel eyes. He disappeared from the family home in Highton, VIC, on the morning of 15 July 2011. He was on foot, and took no personal belongings (including his wallet and thus identification). We launched the Dan Come Home┬ásocial media campaign, believing it will ultimately be a member of the public who recognises and finds him.

Dan is a kind, gentle, friendly guy who’s respected by his students, admired by his friends and adored by his family. However, Dan suffers with depression and we have concerns for his welfare. We feel he left as an act of love, not wanting to burden us with his illness.

After being missing for over 4 months, Dan walked into a medical centre in Queensland and asked for a glass of water. Two weeks later, having seen our interview on The Project, the receptionist realised she had spoken with Dan. He was going by his middle name (James) and was visibly unwell. CCTV confirmed this and we spent 2 months searching, but sadly Dan is still missing.

Australia’s a big country, so please join our search and help us spread the awareness.